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Specializing in Accessible, Searchable and Usable Web Sites

At People Wise Web Solutions we believe that the internet is people; people working, people learning, people communicating, and people playing.

That is why we design and develop web solutions using international web standards making Web sites easy to find, flexible enough to expand well into the future and easy to use for all internet users instead of the typical 80% of users.

Our Process


Phase 1 - Define the Project

Information gathering about you, your company and your audience.


Phase 2 - Site Structure

This is where we address content and create site maps, wireframing, naming and labeling, navigation, and define key user paths.


Phase 3 - Design the Visual Interface

We develop composites and present them to you for feedback, create graphic templates and design style guides.


Phase 4 - Build and Integrate

Creating the website and populating pages. Setting up database structure (if needed), and create and conduct Quality Assurance Testing, and begin Marketing activities.


Phase 5 - Launch and Beyond

This is where the final website is launched and we hand off all documentation to you.