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At People Wise Web Solutions we believe that the internet is people; people working, people learning, people communicating, and people playing.

That is why we design and develop web solutions using international web standards making Web sites easy to find, flexible enough to expand well into the future and easy to use for all internet users instead of the typical 80% of users.


Web Skills — Published Work

Link to the COPE Service Dogs Web site

COPE Service Dogs

This non-profit organization wanted to redesign their Web site to allow them to control their content, and add features such as a premium event organizer, security, data back-up, user management, Google sitemap, and image galleries.

After reviewing the Client Survey and discussing with the client, we agreed WordPress was the best software solution. Along with installing and configuring WordPress, different plug-ins were uploaded, activated, and customized (if need be).

The benefits of using WordPress are: it is free, you can customize the design, and the Client can take full control over their Web site. All the features mentioned above were added through the use of plug-ins. The Client is now updating their own site and they are very happy with their new Web site.

Link to Elligaitor Designs Online Shop.

Elligaitor Designs Ltd.

The Client wanted to get her products online for purchase. The first phase consisted of online purchasing without credit card processing. After the Clients site starts generating more income, the Client will revisit credit card processing.

After completing a Client Survey, an E-commerce Comparison, and a Competitive Analysis, we decided to go with Zen Cart, an open-source W3C Compliant software package along with the Canada Post Shipping Module.

The benefits of using Zen Cart are it is free, you can customize it, and the Client can take full control over adding new products and changing some content once the project is finished.

Link to the HiLites Hair Studios Web site

HiLites Hair Studios

The small start-up company had WordPress already installed and needed help researching , installing, and configuring an online appointment system along with new page additions.

After researching online appointment systems, we recommended Appointy due to low cost (the lite version is free), ease of use, and easy integration into WordPress

The Client is extremely happy with our recommendations and customer service.

Link to the Thermaspec Web site


Working with a small start-up company, we worked together with the client to create an image of what the site would look like. Once the client approved the picture of their Web site, we then used the image to build their Web Site ensuring that the site met with web standards and passed W3C validations (tests).

Benefits of using web standards include but not limited to better search engine rankings; reaching more prospective clients; better usability, and a competitive edge.

Link to the Dragon Restaurant website

The Dragon Restaurant

This project started off as a class assignment of converting the home page of a small business website from tables based code to XHTML/CSS W3C compliant code that would pass W3C Accessibility, XHMTL, and CSS validations. I did end up converting the rest of the web site for fun and a learning experience.